Study shows Debtors struggle longer with finances before Bankruptcy! Why wait?

A study referred to as “Life in the Sweatbox” conducted over a three year period and evaluating 3200 bankruptcy cases by Professor Katherine Porter and Deborah Thorne , determines that Debtors post- pone or struggle for years before seeking bankruptcy.  I didn’t need a case study to see firsthand what our clients had gone through to get the relief they needed.

During countless consultations and as a bankruptcy trustee examining thousands of debtors over the years, the names may have changed but many of their stories were similar.  “I struggled to pay my bills due to job loss/illness/divorce.  I used up all of my savings including my retirement accounts, borrowed equity from my home and I still couldn’t catch up.  By the time I saw a bankruptcy attorney all of my assets were gone and I owed more than when I started.” 

Although most debtors feel shameful about filing for bankruptcy, if they had sought assistance far earlier in their struggle, most or not all would have had to repay less debt, keep or save most of their assets and received the fresh start needed to achieve financial freedom.

I believe the most important piece of advice I can give you is DON’T WAIT.  Waiting delays your ability to retain assets, get relief from the stress of constant collection calls, and going without important things like healthcare and food.  If you don’t believe me, just read this article…

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Owing Money to the IRS: Can They Really Do This To Me?

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Financial stress during the holidays

For many people, this time of year is a time of joy and thanksgiving.  For others, the holidays are a source of stress.  Everyone may suffer the stress of what picture should be on the Christmas card or how many people are coming for holiday dinner.  However, for many families, the stress of the holidays is much more.  How can we afford to give my child the present on their list to Santa?  How can we afford to buy enough food for our holiday meal?  The pressures we place on making the holidays special create an incredible amount of strain not just on your wallet but your emotions too.Read More »